Meet Kristin


A dreamer, a believer, a lover of adventure, the great outdoors and all things Tom Petty. I was born and raised in Northwest Washington, it has never been difficult for me to fall in love with the diverse and beautiful scenery that populates this place.

By the age of ten I was given my first disposable camera on a family road trip to Wisconsin. For the first time in my life, I had a way to capture the splendor of the world around me with a single button press. On that road trip I’d do so, taking my first images of incredible vistas like Devil’s Tower and Yellowstone Park. From that day forward, I was in love with the art of Photography. Through the next ten years I’d take classes to learn the more intricate details of the process, allowing me to adapt my passion into a unique style that focuses on capturing the little moments that deserve to be preserved forever.

From the joy of the first tiny smile of a baby, to the stoic and natural emotion that comes from a lone pine tree slumbering deep in a dense forest, my goal is to seek these moments out and share it with everyone. Graphic Design is a new found love of mine. Since my Associate in Arts in Visual Communications, I have found a deeper passion for creating, and. There’s just something about finding the perfect font and the right color combination that just makes the project sing. Along the entire way I’ve gathered many memories and experiences, giving me a breadth of knowledge of different styles of Photography. Be it a more personal family photo or something professional for a local business, I have the ability to adapt to any situation as desired.